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Champion Therapy provides quality, affordable Physical Therapy to first line medical services providers for their patients who require a vast array of physical, speech or occupational therapy either through licensed Physical Therapists or licensed Physical Therapist Assistants.

Specifically Champion Health:

  • Manages appointments for PT, PTA, OT, OTA, and Speech Therapists
  • Manages payments to all PT, PTA, OT, OTA, and Speech Therapists

Champion Therapy follows Medicare Guidelines and will comply with your regulations to

  • Perform within the Certification required time periods.
  • Complete Evaluations within 48 hours of referral.
  • Manage to meet the 30 day visits and recertification periods.


“Since using Champion therapy, I have been able to reclaim my life from pain so that I can do the things I love.”

– Carrie & Bob M.

Do you need Champion Therapy’s Services?


We help those with a chronic or ongoing injury reclaim their life from pain through excellent physical, occupational, and speech therapy


We’ve worked in home health, acute care, rehab facilities, nursing homes, school systems, and outpatient clinics.

The Champion Difference

Champion Therapy Services Other Offices
Personalized Care
Privately owned and operated
Generic Care
Corporately owned and only looking to boost profits
Multiple Health Options
We offer physical, speech, and occupational therapy
Single Health Option
Only offers one type of therapy
Quality and Affordable Treatment
For patients who require a vast array of therapy
Nickel and Dime Service
Trys to mark up every aspect of treatment
Efficient and Effective
We use web based software and innovative tech
Archaic Treatment Methods
Paper based forms that can get lost
Over 20 years of Experience
A wide range of therapists with unique experience
Whoever they can find
Hire the newest and cheapest therapists around

A Leader in Rehabilitation

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