Running Physical Therapist Tulsa

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Do you consider yourself a runner or do you do a significant amount of running? If so then you might want to look up a physical therapist Tulsa to ensure that you are preventing any running injuries that you may get. Furthermore, you might want to make sure that you have a physical therapist that you can trust and who you like on your speed dial so that when you do get injured you know exactly where to go and who to ask what to do next. The places you’re going to want to call for this physical therapist is Champion Therapy Services. The physical therapists at Champion Therapy Services know in-depth the injuries that are most associated with the sport of running. Give them a call today at 918-358-8040.

Something that most people don’t know is that running is an advanced sport. If you are not in shape then running is not what you want to start doing right from the get go. If you start running without getting your body properly conditioned you are more than likely going to end up with an injury, pain, and the inability to continue to run. It is extremely important that you get together with a running coach or fitness trainer to get yourself into the correct shape to be able to run. This is one of the main issues that physical therapist Tulsa professionals at Champion Therapy Services treat so many runners.

Once you are in shape and you are ready to run then it is a good idea to schedule an appointment with a physical therapist Tulsa at Champion Therapy Services to get an assessment on your gait pattern. They will take a look at how you are walking and running and ensure that you are mechanically sound and have no muscular imbalances. If you have any issues with your mechanics or your muscles, they will give you some exercises to help balance everything out. This is extremely important especially if you intend to do a significant amount of running. The more running that you’re going to do the more important it is that your body is structurally sound to prevent any injuries.

One of the criteria that you want to think about before you start running is your weight. It is a good idea to be as light as you possibly can so that you put less pressure on the joints of your back, hips, knees, and ankles. The more pressure you put on these joints, the more likely that you’re going to cause damage. Typically, the general rule is you want to be within 10 pounds of your ideal weight. If you are not within 10 pounds of your ideal weight, then you want to lay off of running and focus instead on weight loss.

For a physical therapist in Tulsa who knows the physical demands of running and is very well acquainted with the injuries associated with running call Champion Therapy Services. You can reach Champion Therapy Services by dialing 918-358-8040. It is extremely important that you are in shape before you start running. Running is an advanced sport. Make sure that you get in touch with a physical trainer or a running coach before you start running or putting in significant miles.

Football Physical Therapist Tulsa

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Do you play the sport of football? If you play football, then you want to make sure that you know a good physical therapist Tulsa who can help you rehab from the multiple injuries that you’re going to sustain. Football is a brutal sport and causes many injuries. Some of them can be rehabbed with a physical therapist, and some of them are going to need a doctor or a surgeon. The physical therapists at Champion Therapy Services can take care of many of the injuries that can be rehabbed. Call Champion Physical Services at 918-358-8040.

Some of the injuries that happen in football are too severe and are not something that a physical therapist Tulsa is going to be able to handle. One of these injuries that has frequently been seen both on the big screen and in the news lately is that of a concussion. A concussion is sustained when somebody slams their brain against their skull. This is typically caused by a high impact collision. This is what happens time after time and almost every single play in the sport of football.

Therefore, if you’re going to play football, then you have to understand that there is a high likelihood that you may incur a concussion at some point during your playing days.  Another type of injury that frequently happens in the sport of football that is not able to be directly be rehabbed by a physical therapist Tulsa is that of an anterior cruciate ligament tear. The anterior cruciate ligament is a ligament that ensures that the knee does not hyperextend. This ligament will stop once it reaches a certain point. In football many times the twisting and contact that is associated with the sport can tear this ligament. The only way that this ligament is going to get better is with surgery.

Until the surgery happens a physical therapist is not going to be available to do anything to help the ligament repair. However, often a physical therapist is utilized for the post surgery rehab protocol. The physical therapist can help the player get back to peak condition after the surgery. This is what physical therapists are trained and skilled to do. If you utilize a good physical therapist, they are not going to know the best methods to get you back on your feet and on the playing field at full strength in the shortest amount of time.

Champion Therapy Services has a bunch of these well skilled and experienced physical therapists on their staff. If you play the sport of football than you want to make sure that you know to call Champion Therapy Services when you have an injury that needs to be rehabbed. Furthermore, if you’re in need of an anterior cruciate ligament surgery, then you’re going to want to call Champion Therapy Services after the surgery to get rehab. This rehab is going to ensure that you come back as strong or stronger than before the ligament tear happened. Call Champion Therapy Services at 918-358-8040.