Physical Therapist Tulsa for Wrist Pain

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Wrist pain is something that many people are experiencing more and more the more we are chained to a desk all day. A good physical therapist Tulsa can give you some exercises and rehab protocols to ensure that your wrist pain doesn’t cause any major issues. One of the main things that people are experiencing now with so much typing and poor posture is something known as carpal tunnel. Carpal tunnel can become debilitating if you let it go for too long. This is why if you are experiencing any type of wrist pain you want to get into see a physical therapist at Champion Therapy Services as soon as you can. You want to make sure that you get this remedied before it gets too bad. Call Champion Therapy Services at 918-358-8040.

If you do a lot of typing or repetitive tasks like taking notes without much time spent on the ground using your hands to support your weight, then you are likely to have weak and tight wrists. This is a recipe for disaster. The weaker and tighter your wrists are the more likely you’re going to have issues as you age. Repetitive tasks with any part of your body can cause significant overuse injuries. None of these things are something that you want to have to deal with. Therefore, it makes the most sense to get into a physical therapist Tulsa who can give you some exercises to prevent any issues that you may be causing by your repetitive tasks of daily living.

Wrist pain can be excruciating and debilitating. Your wrists are an extremely important part of your body as they connect your hands to your arms. Your hands are used for just about everything that you need to do. Therefore if the link between your hands and your arms becomes damaged, you are in a tough spot. If you are starting to have any immobility, pain, stiffness, or tightness in your wrists, then it is time to take a look at what is going on there.

This is a very simple appointment that you need to make with a physical therapist Tulsa at Champion Therapy Services. The physical therapists at Champion Therapy Services will do a simple diagnostic to see exactly what is going on with your wrists and why you are having stiffness and pain. Once they do the assessment on you, they will then give you a protocol if it makes sense to help reduce or eliminate your pain and open up the mobility of your wrists. Even if you do not have any issues yet is a good idea to get them checked out by physical therapist. This way you make sure they are healthy preemptively.

Give Champion Therapy Services a call at 918-358-8040 to schedule your physical therapy appointment. Just get a general assessment of you have nothing particularly wrong with you. However, very few people these days don’t have something that is bugging them. It could be anywhere from your postural muscles to your back to your wrists. Get in to get checked out today.

Physical Therapist Tulsa for Elbow Pain

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If you have spent any time around tennis players, you are very familiar with elbow pain or tennis elbow. This is something that the physical therapist Tulsa professionals at Champion Therapy Services are extremely familiar with prescribing rehab protocols for. This is an issue that if not taking care of it will cause damage for the long haul. Just like any tendon issue or inflammation you want to make sure that you get this taken care of as rapidly as possible so that it doesn’t cause issues down the line. Give Champion Therapy Services a call at 918-358-8040 if you are experiencing any elbow pain.

There is a chance of course that the elbow pain that you are experiencing is actually in the joint and not in the elbow. However, most frequently the injury that is sustained from overuse is in the tendons. This is why so many tennis players and baseball players get elbow tendinitis. They simply overuse the musculoskeletal system in a very repetitive fashion. This is what you would call or term as an overuse injury. Many times these overuse injuries are exacerbated by a muscular imbalance somewhere in the appendage.

Often once some rest is taken, and muscular imbalances are fixed the tendinitis is never experienced again. This is something that people need to take advantage of and understand. If the musculature is working the way that it should then it is much more likely that you will be able to do repetitive tasks without having an injury. With that said if you do anything for long enough, hard enough, and enough times you are likely to burn out the machinery. However, if you are a competitive athlete, then it is extremely important that you have the proper muscular balance for the movements that you need to perform on a consistent basis at a high level.

This is where a skilled physical therapist Tulsa can come in extremely handy. They can ensure that you have the proper muscular balance for the muscles that you need to have at hand at all times. This is going to help you improve your game and ensure that you can stay on the field for longer. This is also going to extend the life of your athletic career. Overuse injuries are the atypical reason that many athletes have to hang up their cleats.

If you are experiencing any elbow pain, then you need to get in to schedule an appointment with either a physical therapist Tulsa or a sports medicine doctor. You need to have somebody take a look at your elbow before it gets worse and becomes an issue that you cannot solve. The best place in Tulsa to schedule an appointment with a physical therapist is Champion Therapy Services. You can schedule an appointment with Champion Therapy Services by calling 918-358-8040. If you are an athlete, you do not want to wait to get your elbow checked out. The longer you wait for the worse it is going to get and the more likely that you’re going to be sidelined for a greater period.