Physical Therapist Tulsa for Runners

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Runners often need a physical therapist Tulsa take care of some of their overuse injuries. This is particularly the case for your long distance and ultramarathon runners. Long distance and ultramarathon runners have so many repetitive steps that if their body isn’t finely tuned and perfectly functioning from a mechanical level they are very likely to have some musculoskeletal injury. The ultramarathon runners are even more likely to just because of the number of miles that they’re putting in. If you think about it for one second, you will understand why. To give Champion Therapy Services a call to schedule an appointment with one of their physical therapist call 918-358-8040.

Now, let’s go back to thinking about why you may get an injury if you’re doing something for so long and so repetitively. Let’s take a look at the ultramarathon runner for one second.  Ultra-marathon runners are going to run 50 to 100 miles in one shot which is extremely significant and adds up to a lot of steps. If every one of these steps is just slightly off, don’t you think there’s going to be an issue? Let’s take for example if a wheel on your car is just slightly off. That wheel is eventually going to rub all the way down until it pops.

This is the same way that the human body works. If you take 1000 steps, and every single one of the steps is slightly off, eventually the machinery is going to fail. This is something that you do not want to have happen. Therefore if you are a runner than you want to get into one of the physical therapist Tulsa professionals at Champion Therapy Services to do a gait analysis on you. They will be able to see if you have any issues with the way that you run or walk. If you do, then they will go to work in helping you to alleviate any mechanical issues that you may have.

Other injuries that runners frequently see are tendinitis injuries. Tendinitis can be from overuse of a specific tendon or set of musculature. Again, if you think about running, you are consistently using your legs to propel yourself over. If you do this too fast and too much, then you’re likely to get inflammation in the tendons of your knee or hip. This tendinitis or inflammation of the tendon has to be rested, and any muscular imbalances have to be corrected.

If you are a long-distance runner, a sprinter, or an ultramarathon runner, it is not a bad idea to get into one of the physical therapist Tulsa running specialists at Champion Therapy Services. Prevention is better than treatment. Get in to see one of the physical therapists at Champion Therapy Services to have them take a look at your gate and your mechanics. If they see anything wrong with the mechanics of your walk or run, they may be able to give you some corrective movements to help you prevent injury. You can reach them by dialing 918-358-8040.

Physical Therapist Tulsa for Football

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Are you a football player looking for a physical therapist Tulsa who can help you with your injuries? Football is a dangerous and injury prone sport. It is a good idea to have a physical therapist on speed dial along with a sports medicine doctor. These two people are going to be able to take care of most if not all of the injuries that you’re going to receive while playing the sport of football. The places you want to call for your physical therapy needs is Champion Therapy Services. Champion Services can be reached by dialing the phone number 918-358-8040.

One of the injuries that happens in football lot and has been all over the media is the concussion. Now, a concussion cannot be treated by a physical therapist. This is one of the injuries that is not in the realm of physical therapy. You will need to see a sports medicine doctor or a family practitioner if you suspect that you or your son has a concussion. Concussions can be a very serious injury and need to be checked out as soon as possible. There can be serious side effects and consequences of untreated concussions.

Some of the other injuries that you’re going to see in the game of football are things that are going to require surgery. When something requires surgery, for example, a torn ACL or MCL a physical therapist cannot help until the surgery has been completed. If you are suspecting that this type of injury has happened then, it is best if you give a call to either a sports medicine doctor or an orthopedic surgeon. The orthopedic surgeon is going to be the one who is going to be doing the surgery on your athlete. However, a sports medicine doctor would be able to diagnose the issue and give you a referral for an orthopedic surgeon.

What you will utilize a physical therapist Tulsa from Champion Therapy Services for would be to rehab post surgery. So if you do end up needing to get an MCL surgery or an ACL surgery you will need to have rehab after that surgery. Typically the orthopedic surgeon is going to either give you a rehab protocol or they will set you up with a physical therapist. This is where the professional physical therapists at Champion Therapy Services shine. It is their goal to get you back on the field or healthy as fast as they possibly can.

If you or your child play the sport of football, you want to make sure you know who the best physical therapist Tulsa is. You also want to make sure that you know who the best orthopedic surgeons are and who the best sports medicine doctors are. These are people that you very likely may get well acquainted with. The best physical therapists can be found at Champion Therapy Services. To schedule an appointment to get to know some of the therapists at Champion Therapy Services or to ask any questions call 918-358-8040.