Baseball Physical Therapist Tulsa

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Are you looking for a physical therapist Tulsa who is going to treat you in a way that is going to fix the issue that you currently have? Are you having pain that nobody else has been able to fix? If you are dealing with musculoskeletal issues, then you want to contact Champion Therapy Services to get in touch with one of their physical therapists. Their physical therapists are highly trained and are going to be able to assess you and prescribe an exercise protocol to fix your pain. They want to make sure that they fix the root cause of whatever may be causing your pain. Give Champion Therapy Services a call at 918-358-8040.

Baseball players often have to see a physical therapist Tulsa at Champion Therapy Services because of repetitive or overuse injuries. Many times baseball players get issues with the elbow and shoulder joints of their throwing arms because of the repetitive nature of the sport. They throw the ball with force and power over and over and over again all day long. This tends to cause overuse injuries if proper recovery and rest are not taken. Proper rest and recovery are required to help to keep the body fresh and healthy.

This is one of the biggest issues with kids picking one sport to stick with all year round. When they stick with one sport all year round they tend to get muscular imbalances and overuse injuries. Baseball is a prime example of this. This is especially true for pitchers. Pitchers throw the ball as hard as they can multiple times in a row for hours on end. If a young athlete is doing this all year, it is bound to cause issues with their musculoskeletal system. This is what happens many times, and therefore surgery is needed or a physical therapist as needed. This does not have to be the case.

When athletes participate in multiple sports throughout the year, they give the tendons, ligaments, and musculature a chance to rest. They also worked different muscles and work muscles in a different way which helps to cross train their body so that they are less susceptible to injury. Multi-sport athletes are going to be athletes who are going to be injured less often because of the cross training effect. This is why you want to make sure that you or your child is playing multiple sports and is not focusing on just one sport early on. Not only will they be less likely to get injured but most times they will end up being a better athlete.

If you are looking for a physical therapist Tulsa, who can help you or your baseball playing child call Champion Therapy Services. They will be able to assess and diagnose the issue that you or your child is having. Once they have diagnosed it, they will either refer you out to a physician who can handle it, or they will give you some physical therapy exercises. Lastly, you want to make sure that you are playing multiple different sports so that you don’t get overuse injuries. Give Champion Therapy Services a call at 918-358-8040.

Basketball Physical Therapist Tulsa

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Are you a basketball player in need of a physical therapist Tulsa? Utilizing a physical therapist to get you back on the court as fast as possible is a very smart thing to do. The longer you wait to see a physical therapist or sports medicine doctor the longer that you are going to be on the sideline. If you’re anything like most of the people that Champion Therapy Services treat you are going to want to get back on the court as fast as you possibly can. Give Champion Therapy Services a call at 918-358-8040.

There are very specific injuries that happen more often to basketball players than they do to other sports players. A lot of the injuries that happen in basketball are injuries that happen to the ankle and knee joints. The ankle and knee joints are very susceptible because of all the jumping and running that is inherent in the sport of basketball. Many times when an athlete goes up for a rebound, they will come down on somebody else’s foot. This can cause rolled ankles and tweaks of the knee joint. These issues can be nagging long-term issues if they are not properly taken care of.

This is why you want to see a physical therapist Tulsa at Champion Therapy Services. No matter what the issue is when it comes to a musculoskeletal issue they are going to be able to give you an answer. They’re either going to refer you to a sports medicine doctor or orthopedic surgeon. If the injury is not severe enough to do that, then they’re going to give you an exercise protocol to help you rehab and strengthen the injured area. If you try to tough it out like many athletes try to do it is just going to lengthen the amount of time that you’re going to be on the sideline instead of on the court. Take care of your injuries as soon as you can so that you can strengthen the area that was injured and get back on the court playing the game that you love.

Another issue that some basketball players are going to deal with is an issue called tendinitis. Overuse or muscular imbalances often cause tendinitis. In the sport of basketball, there is a lot of jumping and running which puts a lot of wear and tear on the tendons of the lower body. This wear and tear usually isn’t going to cause any issues. However, if there is a muscular imbalance or something is not mechanically sound there is likely to be a problem. This issue can show up as tendinitis, a tear, or some other type of injury.

If you’re a basketball player, and you are in need of a good physical therapist Tulsa handle whatever injury that you may have give a call to Champion Therapy Services. Champion Therapy Services will either be able to give you a rehab protocol for your injury, or they will refer you to a physician. They can be reached by dialing 918-358-8040. They are professionals when it comes to helping people with musculoskeletal injuries. Give them a call today so that you can get back on the court as soon as possible.